Stability of Marangoni convection in Variable Viscosity under Free Slip Condition

  • V Kavitha, M Chenna Krishna Reddy, S HarisinghNaik


In this Paper a study has been made to find the Stability of MC in Variable viscosity of a horizontal fluid layer under free slip condition and its stability is been investigated in detail. The results show that the values of variable viscosity, depth ratio, Biot Number conductivity ratio depend strongly on Marangoni number, critical wave number and surface deformation. The results show that the stability of the fluid layers vary with respect to the temperature whereas it intends to behave differently when a higher depth ratio or higher relative thermal conductivity is been taken.

Keywords: Marangoni convection (MC), Rayleigh-Benard convection (RBC), Marangoni-Benard ferro-convection (MBC)