Case Study on Earthquake Resistant Structures

  • Kavya Tanda, Nalla Spandana, D. Varun Kumar


Earthquakes are one of the main factors each year for the collapse of the buildings. Many scientific researches have focused on reducing the structural effects of seismic waves. Initially, many passive methods were implemented to mitigate the damage caused by earthquakes. But since the late 20th century the emphasis has moved on active strategies designed to absorb seismic waves or to prevent waves from moving through the building. Buildings are the major things that are damaged by earthquakes. It's not the earthquake that kills people, it's the insecure buildings that cause the widespread destruction. In many parts of the world, reducing the destructive damage caused by earthquakes is a main requirement.This paper's main focus is to develop an earthquake-resistant structure by performing a structure analysis study using static equivalent methods So we have aimed at conducting a case study on earthquake resistant structure and have an ideology for applying the most effective strategies to earthquake-resistant structures.