Employee Expectations from Virtual Learning Pedagogies using Technology


  • Dr Komal Chopra, Dr Jaya Chitranshi


The purpose of the study is to understand employee expectations from virtual learning pedagogies ie synchronous and asynchronous learning. The primary data for the current study was collected through a structured questionnaire which had questions relating to gender, management level and the expectations were captured on a 7 point Likert scale. The respondents belonged to entry level and mid-level organizations of IT and telecom industry where virtual learning is very popular. The sample size was 150. Factor analysis and t-test were conducted using SPSS software. The results of actor analysis indicated that employees preferred interactive and blended learning. Results of independent sample t-test indicated that there was no difference in learning expectations with respect to management level of employees but there was a significant difference with respect to gender. The study concludes that that the identified pedagogies need to be made more learner centric in order to enhance the process of learning.

Keywords- learner, synchronous, asynchronous, employees, pedagogies