Potential and Networking in Homestay Management: Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Tourism

  • Poom Munpolsri, Mullika Najanthong


The purpose of this research were to study the potential of the homestay, to expand the homestay networking, and to propose guidelines for the development of sustainable community tourism networks through local homestay. The main contributor group was the stakeholders which consisted of government sector, private sector, entrepreneurs’ community leaders, and people who participate in communities. Data were collected through group discussions, in-depth interviews, and SWOT analysis. The results showed that the potential for tourism is clearly distinguished by tradition, lifestyle, local culture, natural resources and the community heritage. The 12 members are ready for assessment into Thailand Homestay standard in 2020. Key success emerged from networking by a group of community leaders that are sustainable supply chain management to tourism.

Keywords- Community-based Tourism; Homestay; Tourism Potential Network; Kalasin