Enhancing e-Banking Security of Two-Factor Authentication using Elliptic Curve Cryptography with Laplace Transform

  • G. Naga Lakshmi, Dr. A. Chandra Sekhar, Dr. N. Ravi Shankar


In Two-factor authentication, even if the (One time password) OTP was leaked, the online user will be protected. Many users prefer to use one-factor authentication because the process of one-factor authentication password or OTP or Personal identity number (PIN) is straightforward. Present methods of Two- factor authentication, which were being executed, were very needed for users. In this paper, the proposed cryptosystem using Elliptic Curve Cryptography with Laplace Transform (ECC with LT) in the e-banking process, Two-factor authentication is described. In the first level of the OTP from the bank server and the second level of authentication, the PIN from the user will be obtained. In this proposed method, the user will be protected with safety and secrecy, and there could be no need to store the private key. The encryption and decryption process is implemented in the environment of internet banking in the proposed algorithm. A program is developed using 'Dot Net,' and a simple example is proposed in this paper. The frequency for ciphertext, time assessment for encryption and decryption, statistical analysis between plaintext and ciphertext are explained.

 Keywords: Elliptic curve over a finite field, Laplace transforms, Inverse Laplace transform, Two-factor authentication, OTP, PIN, e-banking.