A Novel Solar Powered Drive for the Separately Excited DC Motor using a Series Compensated Buck Boost Converter and Sliding Mode Controller

  • K.Gurumoorthy, Dr.Sujatha Balaraman


In this work a novel Separately Excited DC (SEDC) motor drive system powered by Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) source, driven through a set of two cascaded Series Compensated Buck Boost Converter (SCBBC) and a Push Pull DC to DC converter is presented. For the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) of the SPV source a Sliding Mode Controller (SMC) is used. The SMC at the front end implemented in the first SCBBC is used for MPPT of the SPV source. The armature circuit of the SEDC motor is driven by a push pull converter. The field winding of the SED motor is fed by the second SCBBC.  The speed of the SEDC motor, is regulated by another SMC implemented in the Push Pull converter. A detailed state space analysis of the SCBBC and related mathematical modeling of the complete system are presented. The simulations are carried out in the MATLABSIMULINK environment and an experimental prototype rated  200 W 110 V SEDC motor is also developed.

Keywords-Speed Regulation of DC Motors;Solar Photo Voltaic Systems;Sliding Mode Controller;Average State Space Modeling; Series Compensated Buck Boost Converter; Push Pull Converter