Hybrid Battery-Supercapacitor Energy Storage System with Photovoltaic Based Rural Electrification to Reduce Battery Fluctuation

  • Aye Thet Mon, Wunna Swe


Solar energy system may carry exceptionable fluctuations, which can be eliminated by using energy storage systems. Battery storage system is one of the service in photovoltaic (PV) systems. However, battery power ratio is restricted to uncover the highly fluctuating nature of PV power due to its low power density and battery causes many charge/discharge cycles, which declines operational life. Supercapacitor is high power density device that can easily supply transient effects and large charge/discharge cycles. In this paper, battery and supercapacitor (SC) are utilized as hybrid energy storage systems (HESSs) in stand-alone PV micro-grid systems to mitigate the impact of dynamic power exchanges on battery's lifespan. The supercapacitor can be supplied the battery current fluctuation and improve the battery lifetime. This paper describes the study and analysis is carried out based on site survey data collected in San Kan village (latitude 20.8813°, longitude 94.91°). The filtration-based controller method is utilized to control of the power flow of hybrid energy storage system. Both battery-only system and hybrid energy storage system are employed in PV system to study the battery fluctuation effects.

Keywords- supercapacitor, battery, PV system, battery fluctuation