Need Analysis for Developing Instructional Speaking Materials for Muhammadiyah University Students

  • Sujariati, Baso Jabu, Haryanto Atmowardoyo


The objectives of this research were to find out the students’ need, and students’ want in developing instructional speaking material for Non English students. This research was very important to improve students’ speaking skill. This research conducted at Muhammadiyah university of Makassar. The approach employed in this research were descriptive qualitative.  Data collection of this research was conducted questionnaire, interview, and test. The data gathered were analyzed through quantitative and qualitative descriptive. The quantitative data are gain from questionnaire and students learning speaking outcomes. The qualitative data are from the questionnaire and interview of the needs analysis, the experts’ judgments; comments and opinions from the expert related to their assessments of the materials by using Liker-scale. The result findings of this research presented the students’ need with covers syllabus, lesson plan, and existing materials which need to be developed

Keywords- Need analysis, speaking skill, developing speaking material.