Experimental investigation on dimensional accuracy in drilling of GFRP composites

  • K. Siva Prasad, G. Chaitanya


Drilling operation is very common in manufacturing engineering for assembling the various fasteners. Composites machining is a difficult task rather than the metals. Therefore, precision machining ensures good dimensional accuracy to obtain quality products. The present work focused on effect of input variables like speed, thickness, feed, and fiber orientation on dimensional accuracy during drilling of GFRP composites. Experiments are designed as per the taguchi based L9 orthogonal array. The effect of process parameters are studied by a signal-to-noise ratio. Taguchi based ANOVA was employed to analyze the experimental results. Specimen thickness is the strong influencing parameter on dimensional accuracy is observed from the result analysis.

 Keywords- Drilling, Glass fiber reinforced polymer composites, orthogonal array, ANOVA and dimensional accuracy