Ocean Circulation Simulation and Forecast Systembased on Scientific Big Data

  • Bin Wang, Fan Chen, Lei Wu


This study proposes a forecastingsimulation system of ocean circulation based on big data. The simulation terminal simulates the circulation simulation diagram of the preset geographical position of the ocean circulation model input from the input terminal and transmits it to the display side.And then the display side displays the simulation image, the start release time, the vertical coordinates and the discrete calculation scheme, and displays the display diagram of the ocean circulation corresponding to the geographical location. The latest data of ocean circulation are updated and stored in the storage module. The information of ocean circulation model receives the latest data of real-time update of ocean circulation from the management terminal. The input terminal selects the data of ocean circulation to be displayed, and inputs meteorological parameters and environmental parameters. According to the status of ocean circulationsimulations, this study summarizes the current common ocean circulation models, and directly displays the corresponding numerical simulation charts through the display terminal, which is helpful to strengthen beginnerand technician understanding and application of ocean circulation results.