Evolution of Ice Dam Characteristics in the Upper Reaches of the Heilongjiang River Mainstem

  • ZHANG Kaiwen,DAI Changlei, YU Miao, YU Chenggang


The historical melting ice and hydrological data of the Heilongjiang River mainstem were compiled, and the sliding average and cumulative distance equality data analysis methods were used to analyze the changes in ice dam characteristics in the upstream section of the Heilongjiang River mainstem.The results indicate that the date of break-up the main stream of the Heilongjiang River is gradually advancing, the banked-up water level of ice dam are gradually decreasing, and the scale of ice dam is decreasing, which is related to the interdecadal decrease in temperature.The central position of ice dam is mainly concentrated in the Luogu to Huma River section influenced by tributary ice flow and the Oupu to Huma River section influenced by channel characteristics; ice dam characteristics are not only influenced by thermal, dynamic, and channel characteristics factors, but also by geological structure and permafrost freezing and thawing.The results of the analysis can provide a reference for the study of melting ice in cold regions rivers with similar conditions to the Heilongjiang River basin, as well as the prevention and mitigation strategies for the main stream of the Heilongjiang River.