Khlong Suan: Maintaining Community Identity Amidst the Globalization Change

  • itaphat Sirichatdaycha, Asst Prof. Dr.Thongchai Phuwanatwichit, Asst Prof. Dr.Charin Mangkhang, Asst Prof. Dr.Atchara Sarobol


The objective of this article is to study the existence and change of cultural heritage of Khlong Suan Market Community, an old waterfront community market that covers two provinces, Samut Prakan Province and Chachoengsao Province. The research question is that at the present in the Khlong Suan community, Are there any cultures remains, which cultures are fading or have any cultures changed and caused by what factors? In which this research is a qualitative research, using the participatory action research-PAR that emphasize cooperation between people in the community and the learner. The educational tools uses in this article are structured interview and focus group discussions have the following results:

            The development of the Khlong Suan market can be divided into 3 eras. The first is the era of the founding and development of the market community in 1877 to 1973, which in this period is the digging of Prawet Burirom canal making Khlong Suan Market a community center for exchanging products and a meeting place for people in the community which makes community's economy very prosperous. The second era was the deterioration period of the Market in the years 1974 to 1998. The main change was the construction of a transportation project which built the Onnut-Thepa Rat Road, resulting in reduced the Waterways transportation role causing the economic center to stagnate.

            The third period is the era of adaptation and regeneration of the Khlong Suan market community for tourism in 1999 to the present. Since the government is interested in economic develop small communities to have ecotourism resulting in generating income for the community. As for the issue of maintaining the identity of the Khlong Suan 100 Years Market, namely the form of house being a multicultural society of peaceful coexistence among Buddhist Thai, Thai people of Chinese descent And Thai people of Muslim descent It can be seen that the coexistence of the multiculturalism of the Khlong Suan 100-year community is a perfect combination. This is considered an identity that you can see at the Khlong Suan 100-year market community.

Keywords- Khlong Suan, Identity Maintenance, Community Ways, Change, Globalization