Optimum Safe Design of Bridge Abutments to Control and Decrease the Scouring

  • Dr.Abdul-Hassan K.Al-Shukur, Marwa Hussein Ali


The phenomena of scouring around bridge abutment can be considered the main reason  of failure of bridge  , therefore it must be investigated experimentally by using physical model of bridge abutment and using countermeasures that make on decreasing or controlling the scouring around bridge abutment in laboratory channel with width 1 m and applied three velocities (0.1 , 0.08 and 0.07)m/sec  , it was used three shapes of pile: circular , oblong and lenticular and using two distances for every case of pile (20 and 30 cm) for circular pile on Y-axis , (6cm) for oblong and lenticular on X-axis with vertical-wall abutment , it was concluded that the circular pile with distance 20 cm from abutment can reduce the scour about 50%  and oblong pile with distance 6 cm from abutment can give scour depth less than the lenticular shape of the same distance.

Keywords:- scour , bridge abutment , countermeasures