Touch Language Codes for Communication between The Deaf and The Blind

  • Sunardi Tukimin1, Dini Handayani, EndangRochyadi, Nani Sutarni, AchmadHufad


The problem of communication occurs when confronted with two individuals i.e. the deaf and blind. In previous research found the communication system for this issue is IDBC System, this system uses Morse code modification. However, the system still encountered problems when it was tested on 37 students consisting of 20 blind students and 17 deaf students. The most crucial obstacle in using this system is the difficulty in remembering Morse code. This communication system requires development in order to be a perfect and easy-to-use system for communication between the deaf and the blind. This research method is qualitatively descriptive using a language experience approach (LEA). The purpose of this research is to replace the Morse code with another easily remembered code. As a result of the study, the new language code in the IDBC system is easier to remember and easier to use in communication. This language code is easier in adding words because it has patterns designed to facilitate system development. This code has been implemented in conversations between the deaf and the blind. This code has been tested on deaf students with visual blindness in West Java.

Keywords: IDBC system, touch, deaf, blind