Research on Computer Interactive Optimum Design Based on Genetic Algorithms

  • Xu Lili


In recent years, computer technology has been progressing continuously. Influenced by computer technology, technology in other fields has also begun to move towards high-tech. Optimum design of computer interaction network is the guarantee to improve the performance of computer network and better meet the needs of people on the Internet. From the network point of view, connectivity probability means that the network is at least simply connected. The working environment in the field of computer interaction is relatively complex. In the process of designing communication network, it is necessary to find the best working mechanism of communication network. If the optimization process is displayed graphically, it will help to understand the optimization principle and better realize the overall optimization. The optimal design of computer interaction network is the most concerned topic in the field of human-computer interaction. In the long-term research and practice, genetic algorithm plays an important role in promoting the optimal design of computer interaction network. This paper studies the genetic algorithm in the optimization design of computer interaction network, analyzes the basic characteristics of genetic algorithm, and designs the process of computer interaction optimization.