Global Deaths among Men: A Principal Component Analysis

  • Marino A. Garcia, Chrysler M. Cabusa, Janet A. Mananay


This theoretical study determined the leading causes of death among men to understand the underlying principles of their deaths. Men are deemed important as they are considered the bread winner of the family. Principal component analysis employing big data mining was used to explain the factors that contributed to the deaths of men. It was found out that from the thirteen (13) principal components of global deaths of men, there were only eight (8) principal components that have shown great impact to their global deaths: (1) prostate cancer; (2) colon and rectum cancer; (3) tuberculosis; (4) natural calamity; (5) epidemic; (6) liver cancer; (7) lung cancer; and (8) HIV. With this principal components, two concepts have emerged which are acquired deaths and accidental deaths. It was found out that leading cause of deaths of men across the globe is acquired deaths with 50.6% viability. Further, though deaths is inevitable but with proper precautionary measures taken, there might be a way to decrease or decline the death trends among men.

Keywords- death trends of men; principal component analysis; global deaths