Preparation Techniques and Properties of FALAP: A Special Drink in Singpho Tribe of Assam

  • Violina Deka, Mousumi Devi


Located in the North-Eastern region of India, Assam has been a land of unity of various tribes since the pre-historic days. From long ago different people migrated to this land at different times and Singpho’s were one of them. From division of language, Singpho tribe is included in the Kachin sub class of Middle and South Assam that belongs to Chino-Tibetan language family’s Tibet class. According to Edward Gait Singpho is a native word used to indicate the people of Assam who belong to the Kachin sub class of Tibetan class. Affected by the geographical environment of Assam, people of Singpho tribe have their own trait of food habit. Falap with its own characteristics is an important part of Singpho food culture. Traditional drink or tea prepared with the own techniques by the Singpho tribe is called Falap/Phalap/Phanap. In this research paper we have tried to elaborate preparation technique, quality, and international acceptance of Falap.

Keywords: Singpho tribe, Falap, Drink, Tea, Assam.