Person Identification Using Face and Speech Recognition for Visually Challenged

  • Raju Anitha , Venkata Manoj Bhargav.M, Rishi Ramana Sai.Ch, Rakesh Gupta.G, Priyanka Reddy.M


A system and method for facilitating a visually impaired person for identifying a person. The method includes the step of storing a plurality of instructions for facilitating the visually impaired person identify the person in front of them by their face and/or voice characteristics with the help of an AWS server. It includes the step of receiving voice signals from the person present in surrounding of the visually impaired person and includes the step of capturing an image of the person and surroundings of the visually impaired person and storing the data in a database. The data is sent to AWS server for processing and determining the person with the help of the database we already have. After processing and identifying the person with the help of face and voice recognition modules the name is sent to the visually impaired user’s phone in the form of a text message which will be read aloud by his phone’s virtual assistant.

Keywords - Visually impaired, AWS server, Voice signals, Database, Voice recognition, Virtual assistant etc.