Filipino Teachers’ Perspectives on the Effectiveness of Online Grammar Checkers and Plagiarism Detectors

  • Romel M. Aceron, Leodegario G. Perez, Amado C. Gequinto


Online grammar checker and plagiarism detectors are online tools or software which allows users to correct their works providing a reliable basis of right grammar and avoid plagiarism. This study used a descriptive research method to assess the perspectives of selected university instructors and professors handling research and writing courses on the effectiveness of online tools. Results showed that using online tool or software such as grammar checkers and plagiarism detectors can improve students’ research and writing skills, style, and vocabulary skills. This result is also supported by several studies that using online grammar checkers and plagiarism detectors is effective and avoid copy and paste attitudes and behavior of the students. Aside from these, software  has been found better and time efficient for an easy checking to grammar corrections and easy tracking of plagiarism since they are just one click away compare to manual checking that demands more time and efforts of the researcher and of the research and writing instructors and professors.

Keywords-online software; plagiarism detectors; grammar checkers; writing tasks