Metakaolin: A Strength Development of High Performance Concrete

  • Alok Goyal, D. K. Sharma


In this research paper author presents the utilization of a waste material i.e, Metakaolin to produce High performance concrete. Natural sand, Recycled Coarse aggregate of 4.75-20 mm of fraction and waste material Metakaolin is used for the preparation of mix. A concrete were mixed with 53 grades of cement and Metakaolin. Mechanical properties and some other properties were tested for a concrete specimen, which is related to the durability of concrete. Compressive strength After 28 days were 73.60 N/mm2 and thereafter 56 days 80.89 N/mm2 were attained. Hence we found out good values of those properties which are significantly showing the influence of durability and strength performance of concrete.

Keywords- Concrete, Metakaolin, Recycled coarse concrete aggregate, Strength