Design and Fabrication of Automobile Roof for Cooling and Heating Purpose

  • Amit Kumar Tiwary, Amit Kumar, Sharifuddin Mondal, Swarnambuj Suman


The problem of pollution has been showing an increasing trend. The menace of pollution may be effectively curbed via promoting usage of alternate sources of energy and/or better utilization of the energy generated. In the said context the current article suggests an alternative methodology of cooling the automobiles which may prevent the oozing of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In the current article an attempt has been made to provide an alternative to the conventional methods of cooling and heating which are neither energy efficient nor environment friendly. The work aimed to develop a Thermo Electric based heating and cooling module to maintain the cabin temperature within the optimum range. A Thermo Electric based system was apprehended and a prototype was deployed to investigate the effectiveness of the system. On the basis of the results it may be concluded that the system performs significantly well in increasing the temperature of the cabin.

Keywords- Thermoelectric; Vehicle Cooling; Vehicle Heating; Automobile Roof Design; Heat Exchanger