Development the Quality Management System in Construction Central Laboratory of the Engineering Consulting Bureau in Engineering College / Thi-Qar University according to International Standard (ISO 17025)

  • Alaa M. Mahdi, Kasim Alomari, Ishraq Hameed Naser


The Construction laboratories are one of the institutions that have characterized a complex system that includes many operations and many persons. In order to achieve the highest level of accuracy and reliability, the complexity of the system demands that many processes and administrative and technical procedures be conducted properly.

 Therefore develop an approach for the application of a quality management system(QMS) in these laboratories including construction Central laboratory of the Engineering Consulting Bureau that was selected as a case study in compliance with the requirements of the international standard (ISO17025), which looks at the entire system is very important for achieving good laboratory performance and the gateway to acquire ISO certification and National and global Accreditation which is nowadays one of the important matters relating to businesses with global presence goals and companies which them contracts extends to the various countries of the world where it is considered ISO Certificate as Passport and shows that companies or organizations comply with ISO certification requirement.

An analysis, evaluation and comparison of the existing procedures and policies with requirements of the international standard (ISO17025) as stipulated by using gap analysis checklist based to requirements of the international standard (ISO17025) was done. The findings of the current system show despite noticing many strengths points, there is various weaknesses of the administrative, technical and other practices, and the difference in terms of application and documentation with (ISO17025) requirements. These weaknesses can be listed as administrative procedures related to the quality system where it is noted that lack of knowledge about international standard (ISO17025), absence appropriate quality system that applied and documented the quality policy and procedures and instructions related it and no guideline describing the procedures of the quality system additionally other weaknesses. The findings of this study can be utilized to Develop the Quality Management System in these Laboratories according to (ISO17025) and evaluate the benefits and limitations of its implementation by these laboratories with recommendations of implementing with an implementation program by several corrective actions have been put in place that It can be used as a guide that will diminish these differences to the minimum and reach the conditions fit with the terms of the international standard specification (ISO17025), which will help to obtain the national and global accreditation.

Keywords- ISO, Accreditation, ISO17025, Administrative Requirements, Technical Requirements, The Quality Management System (QMS).