Dynamic on Pottery Production Muangkung, Chiang Mai: The power is creative of Local Wisdom in Globalization

  • Kessaraporn Singkamanee


The objective of this study was to observe context and wisdom dynamics of Munagkung pottery handicraft. We adopted globalization concepts and Social dynamics concepts and culture to be study guidelines by using qualitative research methods. The 62 family population was a traditional household and their occupation was pottery handicraft. In this study, we collected information by survey and chose samples as purposive sampling. Also, wegathered data by profound interview and observed without participation from totally community philosopher 5 families. In addition to data collection and interview, we assembled the related secondary source. In this study, we analyzed information of primary data, secondary data, and hearsay history. We also evaluated and checked information with data Triangulation. Here the results show that Munagkung local people relocated from Keng Tung satellite State in Lan Na period as known "Keeping vegetables, repeating, keeping me in the city" which was longer than 160 years. Globalization has caused economic, social, and cultural dynamics society. The first aspect was economic. All families shifted from rice growers to be pottery handicraft as the main career. Due to the impact of capitalism, 62 current traditional pottery handicraft households were originated from 146 houses moving from Lan Na area. Secondly, social part was knowledge and wisdom in pottery handicraft inherited from their ancestors,and they adapted their pottery handicraft for survival. People in this community united power of creative wisdom to be self-reliance. The final aspect was culture which was their pottery handicraft. Villagers cope with the globalization process; however, they have modified, utilized wisdom, and created valuable Munagkung pottery handicraft to be unique and famous. Although Munagkung pottery handicraft wisdom dynamics has adjusted to be suitable for various periods, they have learned and were ready to handle for changing in careers to support the family and the creative and wisdom power of Munagkung pottery handicraft, Chiang Mai.

Keywords: Social and Cultural Dynamics, Pottery Production MuangkungChiang Mai