A Theoretical and Practical Study of Some Physical and Vibrational Properties of Gallium-Antimonide Nano Crystals

  • Saad Majeed, Bilal K. Al-Rawi


In this paper, GaSb Nano crystals are studied theoretically and practically. After preparing three GaSb thin films, some of its physical and vibration properties were studied (XRD, AFM, SEM, absorbance, energy gap and Raman spectroscopy). For theoretical studies, (Density of states DOS, Energy Gap, FTIR & Raman spectroscopy, Dihedral & Tetrahedral angle densities) were studied. The technique used in the GaSb thin film preparation process was the vacuum evaporation system, where the preparation pressure was (106 Torr). As for the theoretical study, it included GaSb modeling, and the Density Functional Theory was relied on to model GaSb volumes, which are Diamantane, Tetramantane, Hexamantane and Octamantane. After discussing theoretical and practical results, it is found that the prepared GaSb thin films possess structural and optical properties that can be used in the preparation and manufacture of infrared and laser detectors and photovoltaic applications of interest to a large number of researchers in the semiconductor fields.

Keywords-DFT; GaSb; nanomaterials; structure properties; nanocrystals