Design and Implementation of Novel Security Approach designed for Cloud Computing With Load Balancing

  • Dr. S Amutha, Niha.K,


A cloud computing is a virtualized computing environment to provide the services and storing data as data warehouse and the information stored remotely and accessing with scalable and measured resources. Cloud computing is becoming popular as many enterprise application and valuable information, data are moving into cloud platforms. On the other hand, a main for cloud adoption is being short of security. So cloud computing security is an important thing when we store data into cloud platforms. In this load balancing also should be considered as only minimum level of the algorithms is present for balancing the load. Infrastructure associated with cloud should be protected. Most existing security system consists of classical encryption, decryption technique and proxy signature has been used. In existing load balancing system they were concentrated on the reducing energy consumption and agents were used for balancing the load. In this paper holistic view of cloud computing load balancing with security is proposed. The Quantum Based Security Framework has been developed and fuzzy logic is used for balancing the load. The major security policies are considered in an efficient way and according to the number of conditions selected by the user, service will be provided. The Security Framework technique developed to store the data within the cloud by generating a check bits rather than keys and allowing the user to access their data after verifying the check bits. The check bits generated by the user and cloud service provider should be same then only the user can access the services along with the load balancing. Replication is the major factor as the data may lose due to failure or outage, hence replicated copies are provided. By using this method of security, we can achieve high level of security.