Conceptualization of an Explicit Knowledge Management Framework: an institutional approach

  • Pooja S Kushwaha, Arindam Saha


Based on previous researches and on a two-year experiment done in an Indian business school, this paper conceptualizes a knowledge management framework that leads to a centralized unambiguous knowledge repository for student internship projects. The study pertains to business schools imparting management education where a Student Internship Project (SIP) is an essential part of the two/three/four years’ curriculum. SIP is the only industry experience sometimes a management student can mention in their resumes and it not only helps to enhance their network with the industry where these graduates would work, but also helps generate a vast set of explicit knowledge.

The study also proposes a model KM repository development process that can be replicated (with own customizations) across all institutions. The framework and repository creation process, both as integral features of a KM system in an institution, can be utilized for the overall development and enhancing employability.

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Knowledge Repository, Tacit Knowledge, Explicit Knowledge