LTE Conformance Testing Under Different Propagation Conditions in Multipath Fading Channels with FDD &TDD Mode

  • Fatima faydhe Al-Azzawi, Zainab faydhe Al-Azzawi, Wissamfadhel Abid


Long-Term Evolution (LTE)for high-speed wireless communication is considered as a standard  for mobile devicesand data terminals, where the technology emphasis are data rates with high peak,high spectral efficiency, frequency flexibility and low latency. LTE conformance affected by multipath fading channels, in this paper LTE conformance testing under different propagation conditions in multipath fading channels, three delay profiles of multipath fading channel models where specifies, Extended Typical Urban model (ETU), EVAwhich is Extended Vehicular A model and Extended Pedestrian A model (EPA), These three profiles of delay represent respectively a high, medium, and low environment of delay spread. The three delay conditions with FDD and TDD duplexing mode tested in terms of throughput vs SNR and running average throughput per frame for all SNR values.

Keywords: LTE, fading channels, LTE duplexing mode.