Investigation of Optimum Tilt Angle for Solar PV Installation in Southern India

  • Dharani Rajavelu, Balasubramonian Madasamy


In the recent years solar energy source contribution vital among all renewable energy to meet out the energy demand. At the same time lot of factors affect the solar PV system efficiency such as purity of materials, climate condition, solar shading and the orientation, inclination etc. Usually PV panel is installed fixed horizontally. This paper considers the effect of orientation and inclination on the performance of the PV system in different climate regions. The analysis focuses on determining the optimum tilt angle of solar PV installation on residential buildings of the southern state of India, Tamilnadu, for six different climate zones. The investigations involved tilting the PV module at different slope angles of 10°, 15°, 20°, 30° and 40° using Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS) simulation tool. This simulation results predicted the best tilt angle for solar PV installation in six different regions of Tamilnadu for extracting maximum energy yields from a PV panel. Analysis is carried out in terms of the In-plane irradiation, Annual energy production, Angle of incidence losses, Performance ratio, Temperature and low irradiation losses.

Keywords- Solar PV system,PVGIS,Tilt angle,Performance ratio