Determinants of the Maternal Health Behaviour of Recipients of the “SMS Healthy Messages Programme”

  • Agus Joko Pitoyo, Eddy Kiswanto, Bagas Aditya


Maternal health behaviour is an important factor that influences household health. This study aims to understand the health behaviour of mothers who participate in the SMS Pesan Sehat(Healthy Messages) Programme and analyse the socio-demographic determinants that influence maternal health behaviour. This study applies a quantitative approach, drawing its data from face-to-face interviews with 882 programme beneficiaries in Pekanbaru City (Riau), Makassar City, and Takalar Regency (South Sulawesi). This survey found that 28.8 per cent of mothers had good health behaviour, while 44.1 per cent had intermediate health behaviours and 27.1 per cent had poor health behaviour. For statistical analysis, ordinal linear regression is used, finding that maternal access to health information and media are most determinant of maternal health behaviour. Other variables—mother's age, number of children, mother's education level, mother's employment status, husband's education level, husband's employment status, health personnel as a source of health information, active attendance at PKH meetings, maternal decision-making in financial management, and maternal decision-making in health matters—do not have a significant effect on maternal health behaviour.

Keywords: SMS Pesan Sehat, maternal health behaviour, socio-demographic determinants