An Efficient Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna with Dual Feed for Wireless Applications


  • S. A. Amutha Jeevakumari, V. Nagarajan, K. Imdhumathi


In this paper, an efficient frequency reconfigurable antenna design with dual feed is presented. The proposed frequency reconfigurable antenna uses stub placements in the place of switches reducing the need of complex circuitry. To implement the design, a stub loaded Complementary Split Ring Resonator (CSRR) is employed beneath the signal plane. The proposed method exploits signal integration in the signal plane through a coupling gap. The antenna is designed with 0.05? x 0.05? dimension resonating at 5.16 GHz and 6.5 GHz respectively.  An impedance of 50? is maintained in designing the prototype. When complementary split ring is deployed in ground plane, dual band (5.16 GHz and 6.5 GHz) frequency response is noted. When stub loading is introduced in the gap region of split ring, circular ring characteristics is noted over a single band (6.5 GHz). The reconfiguration has been achieved by switching the antenna with single and dual band operations.  The antenna is empirically developed, simulated and measured to yield the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) frequency for wireless applications. The frequency reconfigurable antenna provides narrow band of operations and achieved 98% of efficiency.