The Influence of Family Education Models and Parenting Stles on Adolescent Behavior

  • Novi Widiastuti, Achmad Hufad, Oong Komar, Nike Kamarubiani, Dini Handayani


Predicated on deviant adolescent behavior caused by technological development, this study aims to determine the effect of family education models and parenting styles on adolescent behavior. The formulation of the problem are: (1) how does the influence of family education model on adolescent behavior in Sangkanhurip Sub-district of West Bandung Regency (2) does parenting styles influence the relationship between the family education model and adolescent behavior? (3) how is the influence of the family education model on adolescent behavior viewed from the mothers’ educational background ?. Theoretical studies included Family concepts, Family Education, Parenting Styles and, Adolescent Behavior. The research method used was a quantitative method by employing correlational analysis with moderating variables. In the conclusion it was revealed that family education model has a significant influence on adolescent behavior. Furthermore parenting styles as a moderating variable influences the relationship between family education models with adolescent behavior regarding the use of technology that has developed rapidly at this time. Mothers’ education bacground influence family education model that was applied
Keywords: Family Education, Parenting, Adolescent Behavior