Application of 5D Building Information Modeling for Construction Management

  • Alish Manishkumar Hathiwala, Dr. J. R. Pitroda


Construction industry is growing rapidly and new technologies are making the construction easier than before.  Building Information Modeling is one of the rapidly adopted technology in India. The integration of different Models in one integrated model can give advantageous benefits to the stakeholders. Dimensions of BIM like 4D gives proper scheduling model which helps the project manager to have great efficiency during planning. BIM 5D gives cost related aspects with digital model which gives visual advantages to manage cash flow at different phases of project. BIM also has ability to generate automatic documents which leads in reduction of time for project management firms. Building Information Modeling is a technique which creates, manage and generate a model by taking physical and functional characteristics of building. This research is on Industrial Building performance with the BIM 4D & 5D applications. Comparison between traditional quantity & material take-offs method and BIM based quantity and material take-offs can list out the benefits and drawbacks of both methods. Automatic generation of documents can be possible in BIM based quantity and material take-offs which can give precise units as well as decrease time for the generation of documents.

Keywords- 4D Modeling, 5D Modeling, Building Information Modeling, Construction management, Quantity Take-offs, Scheduling