Fibonacci based Fuzzy Controller for Grid Connected solar Photovoltaic System

  • K. Padmanaban, Dr. A. Shunmugalatha


This paper proposes a novel control algorithm based on Fuzzy Logic and Fibonacci sequence. The Proposed control algorithm is implemented to control the active and reactive power of the grid connected solar photovoltaic (PV) system and import of power from the grid is minimized. Membership function locations of each and every fuzzy set in universe of discourse are optimised using Fibonacci. For better utilization, the solar PV arrays are operated in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) using the proposed Fibonacci based Fuzzy Controller (FBFC). The objective of this paper is to improve the quality of solar PV grid integration by regulating the active power flow with harmonic mitigation and reactive power compensation required by the local loads which ensures stable operation in the grid at point of common coupling (PCC). The performance of the proposed controller is evaluated for various solar irradiance and passive load at PCC. The Inverter output current and Total Harmonic Distortion of proposed FBFC is compared with Proportional Integral (PI) controller and Fuzzy controller using Matlab simulation. The simulation results are analysed and observed that the performance of grid integrated solar PV inverter is improved by reduction of THD and improved voltage profile using the proposed FBFC.

Keywords- Solar Photovoltaic grid, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Golden ratio, Total Harmonic Distortion.