Development of Smart Band for Elderly Health Care

  • Beena Ullala Mata B N, Ananya Markande, Kusuma K B, Shriraksha M, Vasudha N, Kaliprasad C S


Designing for a healthier life means meeting the needs of a population that is aging. The dementia and mild cognitive impairment has been increasing in above 65 year persons. 

Although there is still no pharmacological cure, treatments for symptoms and studies have become more widely available with the aim of maintaining and promoting cognitive function, helping the individual compensate for impairments and improving the quality of life. In the present study, the application of wearable technology for cognitive rehabilitation is promising yet nascent. Hence, this investigation proposes the development of smart watch for aged persons.

The results shows that the technology can give success to promising applications, even though many obstacles rise. The unique benefit of smart watch allows a constant medical tracking 24*7. The proposed system will increase the independence of older people at home as it gives reminders and monitors the heart rate. The smart watches certainly have the ability to be close assistants in their daily lives to support the elderly.

Keywords - Mild cognitive impairment and dementia; Aged, Medical tracking; Elderly homecare; Autonomy and independence of older people.