Teachers’ Perception of ICT Integration in English Language Teaching at Vietnamese Tertiary System

  • Lan Thi Huong Nguyen


The ICT integration has a far-reaching consequence to the socio-economic development worldwide. This study contributes to the scientific researches on the teachers’ perceptions towards the impact of ICT use on English language teaching. The study used a mixed methods research with primary sources – questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. The sample population consisted of 357 selective teachers using the judgemental sample technique (CL=95%; SE= ±5%) out of 5,000 teachers of English from 3 national and regional universities in Vietnam, namely the north – Vietnam National University, Hanoi; the centre – Hue university; the south – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh city in different parts in Vietnam during the school year of 2020-2021. Teachers showed their positive perceptions after using ICT for teaching English. They were dissatisfied with the ICT facilities and training instruction on ICT use. Dedicated ICT network and exclusive educational software for English language teaching should be specifically invested. Teachers’ training program on ICT use is necessary to be updated periodically. The study results would be served as a useful resource for reforming educational policies on teaching English with ICT integration.

Keywords - ICT integration; perception; dedicated; exclusive; English language teaching