Congestion Alleviating Solar PV Allocation Planning in Transmission Network

  • Kesavan D, Dr.S.Padma, Dr.T.J.Deepika


Deregulation of the electric power industry encouraged the participation of various independent power producers (IPP) and induced competition among the players. This has greatly increased the quality of power, yet the problem of congestion must be continuously tackled by the Independent System Operators (ISO). Solar photo-voltaic (PV) power, which is being harnessed increasingly to meet the rise in electricity demand, can be used to alleviate congestion. This paper proposes an optimal PV allocation technique which is aimed at considerably relieving the transmission network of congestion, without much affecting the transactions in competitive electricity market. The allocation optimization is designed to simultaneously minimize congestion factor, power loss and incurred cost using Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization (MOPSO) algorithm. This is implemented for an IEEE standard transmission system with bilateral transactions in MATLAB coding environment. The results obtained are validated and furnished.

Keywords - Deregulation, Competitive market, Congestion Alleviation, Solar Photovoltaic, Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization, MATLAB