Usability of Social Media for Product Customization: Custom Designed Product through Social Media Websites

  • Dr. Ehab Kamal Haikal


Current study aimed to examine the usability of social media for product customization and custom designed product among users, variables taken into consideration included(Easy and instant communication, Responsiveness, Fast Delivery, Customer Focused, Low Cost and Individualism). Data was collected using a questionnaire distributed on(400) individuals through uploading the questionnaire on Google forms and distributing it through different social media websites. Analyzing data using SPSS; results revealed that there is a strong relationship between social media and product customization (R=0.859), and a strong relationship between Ease of use (R-0.575), responsiveness R-0.549, fast delivery (R-0.586), customer focus (R=0.768), low cost (R=0.866), and individualism (R=0.701) and product customization.

Study indicated that characteristics of social media supported individuals' acceptance of customized products due to its low cost marketing which helps in decreasing the price of the product. AlsoSocial media is a very rich platform to retain customers and collect potential customers; organizations should invest more in building a marketing society depending on social media websites.

Keywords- social media marketing, product customization, Customer focus, low cost marketing, Jordan, Custom designed, customized