An Descriptive Study On Police Constables – Impact Of Quality Of Work Life On Job Performance

  • Dr. R. Rajinikanth


 The successful goal achievement of any organization completely relies upon the nature of human asset it has. This can be ascribed as the principle issue that all the management issues emerge because of social and human factor and not because of any other specialized factors. Thus it gets critical to deal with the human asset of an organization in an extremely productive way. Especially in policing, one of the proficient and successful approach to deal with the human asset of a police organization is to give a superior Quality of Work Life to their work force. It assists with improving the work execution of the human force. A potent Quality of work life can be able to draw positive attitude towards work performance and it assists with holding the day today police responsibility in a sincere manner. Based on the previously mentioned idea, the descriptive research has endeavoured to contemplate the effect of Quality of Work Life on the Job Performance of a police personnel. The examination was done among the police constables in Cuddalore district from whom the information was gathered with the assistance of a survey. The respondents were chosen via simple random sampling method. The results of the examination show that Job performance is impacted by Quality of Work Life with a positive relationship with one another.