Religious Values in the Offering Dance (Hati Kudus Tuhan Yesus Catholic Church, Ganjuran Yogyakarta)

  • Merry Violyta Fransisca Pesulima, Muhammad Jazuli, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, Agus Cahyono


The offering dance is called the standard dance of a religious ceremony or religious ritual which is special in nature as a religious dance, in which there is freedom in creation. The purpose of this research is to identify the offering dance that contains religious values ​​in the Catholic Church, Ganjuran, Yogyakarta.This study used an art of anthropology approach using qualitative research methods. Data collection techniques using observation, interviews and document data collection. Data analysis procedures were carried out through data reduction, presentation and verification. The data validity used triangulation of data sources, methods and theories.The analysis of the values ​​of religiosity in the offering dance uses Bouman's analysis, namely, the value of religiosity means the concept of a high appreciation given by the community or community members to several issues related to religious life that are considered or are sacred, this is used as a guideline for religious foundation.The results of this study indicate that the offering dance contains religious values. In particular, the findings in this study are that dance offerings have always been passed down from time to time which contain religious values ​​since ancient times. This offering dance also has symbols, all of which can indirectly affect the condition of the congregation and society.

           Keyword-Values, Religiosity, Education and Dance Offerings