rizeTek: A Decision Support System using Decision Tree Algorithm

  • Jennyfer D. Alasaas, Shareen A. Navarro, Daryl V. Buen


Innovations have changed the way people live. Information technology touches almost every aspect of life; the things that were a mere vision before is now slowly turning into reality. The incorporation of information technology will increase productivity in agriculture. Providing farmers with the latest information and inputs necessary for decision making can make them productive in farming.  The developed application aims to guide the rice growers in their farming activities, particularly pest management and decision making concerning rice farming. In the development of the study, the Rapid Application Development software process was adapted as a methodology.  The research had undergone four phases: Requirements Planning, User Design, Construction Phase, and Cutover Phase. A series of interviews were conducted with the agriculturist and with the 120 rice growers to gather data necessary to develop the system. The data collected from the participants were tabulated, analyzed, interpreted, and summarized using descriptive statistics. Frequency counts and mean were utilized to evaluate the efficiency level and assess the system developed. Based on the evaluation results, the developed system was found to be of a "very great extent" in terms of functionality, efficiency, compatibility, usability, reliability, security, maintainability, and portability