Comparative Analysis of Teacher Education in India and Bangladesh: An Overall Outlook

  • Binoy Krishna Bhattacharyya, Dr. Shilpa Bhattacharyya


India and Bangladesh are two neighbouring countries with huge cultural similarities and have same cultural background. Both the countries have glorious past and prestigious educational background, not only that, once both the countries belong to a same country. Teacher Education is an important programme related to the development of the teacher proficiency and competence. Regarding Teacher Education, India and Bangladesh have remarkable stand in respect of the global scenario. Effort is given here to make a comparative study on Teacher Education between India and Bangladesh. The chief objectives of the study are to draw the clear picture of the development of Teacher Education in India, to elucidate the development of Teacher Education in Bangladesh and to make comparison between India and Bangladesh in respect of various dimensions of Teacher Education. It is largely a qualitative study. This study finds that regarding status of Teacher Education, there is no significant difference in Teacher Education between India and Bangladesh, though India is quite ahead of Bangladesh.

 Keywords- Teacher Education; Teacher proficiency; Qualitative study