Speed Control of AC Induction Motor Using Labview Programming

  • K. Pratheesh Kumar, S. Sundaramahalingam


The Electrical Power distribution by AC System has been a universal adoption for many decades. For industries and in homes AC induction motor has been perfect choice for various field of application. These are very simple and rugged construction. The problem with the induction motors that they need reactive power in large and need a complex speed control method. Speed control of single phase induction motor using phase angle control is widely used in many industries and for the fan motor. Here in the project, using Labview programming the speed of induction motor is varied. This project uses Arduino UNO the control the firing angle of TRIAC in the circuit. The Arduino is controlled by VI blocks of Labview using the LINX Maker Hub tool box. This allows controlling the phase angle of input AC voltage by the front panel blocks in Lab view.

Keywords- AC-Alernating Current, VI-Virtual Instruments, TRIAC-Triode for Alternating Current, LabVie , Arduino UNO, Phase angle control.