Enhancing the Reliability of Multi Machine Infinite Bus System with Dual-Input Controller using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

  • Dr Gopila M, Dr Suresh G, Dr Prasad D, Ms Madumathi K, Ms.M.Porkodi


The key concern associated with an integrated power system network where a weak line is attached is low frequency oscillation. Adequate oscillation damping is a requirement for the safe operation of the device. Frequency levels from 0.1-2.0 Hz are low frequency rotor angle generator oscillations and are graded depending on the oscillation source. As a result, low-frequency oscillations involving weakly damp inter-area modes increase the risk of device security. The proposed research work on low-frequency oscillation is tricky, which can be overcome by the configuration of the PSS controller, and its parameters will be improved to restore equilibrium using the Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm. The efficiency of the honeybee power system controller is superior to the traditional controller.

Keywords- Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm, Dual Input Controller, Low Frequency Oscillations, Multimachine System, Power System Stabilizer, Transient Stability