Development of Education Management Models the Most Remote Elementary School in Bima Regency

  • Ahmadin, Ismail Tolla, Sulaiman Samad


The problem in this study is that the optimal management of Remote Elementary School educators in Bima has not been implemented. The formulation of this research problem: Regarding the level of need, About the prototype, what is validity, Practicality and What is the effectiveness of the management model of elementary school educators in Bima Regency?

This study aims to obtain an overview of: Describe the level of need, describe the prototype, and know the validity, practicality and to find out the effectiveness of the management model of elementary school educators that can be read in Bima Regency.

This is development research (R&D) with a research design, according to ADDIE. Data collection was carried out using interview, observation, questionnaire and FGD techniques. The data obtained were then analyzed with descriptive statistics and non-parametric inferential statistics through SPSS Version 16.

The results show that (1) Development of a model for management of Remote Elementary school educators in Bima Regency is needed in an effort to provide services that are appropriate for special Remote Elementary School educators, 2) The development of the Remote Elementary school teacher management model in Bima Regency took place gradually starting from the preparation, planning and validation stages of the expert so that in the end a model named Management of Remote Elementary School Teachers Management abbreviated with guidelines (MPS-Remote) was considered to have fulfilled validity and practicality to use 3) The MPS-Remote Guidelines are effectively used in the management of Remote SD educators in Bima Regency.

Keywords: Educator Management; Remote Elementary Schools; MPS-Remote Guidelines