A Proposed Scenario for a Virtual University in Jordan in Light of the Total Quality Standards from the Standpoint of Educational Experts

  • Dr. Mamon Saleem Al-Zboun, Prof. Mohammad Saleem Al-Zboon, Dr Raed AbdelHafed AlSaraireh


This study aims to examine a proposed scenario for a virtual university in Jordan in light of total quality standards for educational experts. To achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive-analytical approach and future-oriented approach are adopted. Also, a study sample is selected by the purposeful method consisting of (100) faculty members. A study instrument consisting of five standards is also prepared. The results of the study show that the five standards (electronic courses standards, educational media standards, study system standards, academic supervision standards, and evaluation method standards) are of a high degree. In light of this, a proposal is developed for a Jordanian virtual university consistent with those standards. The study recommends that the virtual university should begin with government support and endorsement at the highest level, especially the academic accreditation and financing of this type of universities, the need for all Jordanian universities to cooperate in establishing the virtual university and meeting the requirements of its infrastructure in terms of management, design of electronic courses, and the technological infrastructure.

Keywords: virtual university, standards, total quality.