Maximum Annual Net Saving at Different Loads for Reactive Power Management with DGs and DSTATCOM in Reconfiguration network

  • Vijaya Kumar N M, Dr.Charles Raja S


Modern hybrid algorithms are used to optimize both actual and activated power control studies in the issue network. This research focused to perceive the optimum location and size of Distributor Generator (DG) and Distributor Static Compensator (DSTACOM) in the optimal reconfiguration circle, which can significantly decrease power ruin and ameliorate stability of voltage at optimum cost. This research uses Hybrid Cuckoo Search Grey Wolf Optimizer (HCSGWO) for simulation and examined on IEEE 33 and 69 bus radial distribution systems. This hybrid algorithm achieves a better solution of allocation and sizing in the reconfiguration networks. The cost analysis is associated with having the Net saving using the DG and DSTATCOM for different load models. However, the proposed hybrid algorithm can be implemented in reactive power management studies in radial distribution network which produce better cost-saving methods.

Keywords- DSTATCOM, Distributed Generation, Reactive Power management, Power loss, Voltage Profile improvement, Net Saving