Implementation of Instrumentation Amplifier Design for Biomedical Engineering Applications

  • Thae Nu Wah, Hsu Myat Tin Swe, Hla Myo Tun


The paper emphasizes the implementation of instrumentation amplifier design for biomedical engineering applications. This study's research problem is how to detect the disturbance signal in biomedical practice due to power line interference for measurement applications in hospitals. This research aims to implement the practical circuit for instrumentation amplifier design for reeducation the power line interference in various sources from different countries like Europe, Myanmar, USA, and Japan. The circuit design theory is the leading solution for solving the research problem with MATLAB environments. This study has four primary considerations for confirming the robustness of the developed instrumentation amplifier design for biomedical engineering applications. The experimental results demonstrated that the implemented system design was met the performance target of the research problems for the real-world applications.

Keywords- Instrumentation Amplifiers, Biomedical Engineering Applications, Power Line Interference, Disturbance Signal Reduction