English Language Needs Analysis in Developing Content-Based Instruction of Islamic Banking Students

  • Harni Jusuf, Muhammad Asfah Rahman, Syarifuddin Dollah


Instructional materials have great roles for the successful of teaching learning process, including teaching learning English course. That is why developing them are crucial. Prior to develop instructional materials, there is one thing that should be considered well that is analysis phase. With regards to need analysis, this descriptive quantitative study aims to identify the students of Islamic Banking students’ needs in language and learning English.  A total of 101 students were asked to fill in the questionnaire which is adapted from Graves consists of 20 numbers, 101 items. The result of questionnaires inputted into Microsoft Excel, then entered into the SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) 16.0 for Importance Performance Analysis (IPA). Afterward, the findings of IPA were analyzed descriptively. The study’s result revealed that of the 111 items, 57 items are students’ needs in language and learning English. 6 items are in quadrant 1 and 51 items are in quadrant 2. These findings contribute to the development of CBI materials related to Islamic banking.

Keywords- instructional materials, need analysis, Importance Performance Analysis (IPA), Content-Based Instructional, Islamic banking.