Determinants of Supply Chain Management Practices in Jordanian Pharmaceutical Firms

  • Lana Ahmad Suleiman Alghasawneh, Abdel Hakim Akhorshaideh, Malek Alharafsheh, Al Ghasawneh, Jassim Ahmad Al-Gasawneh, Anas Yahya Al-Hadid


Supply chain management is a set of business processes that encompasses a trading partner community engaged in a common goal of satisfying the end customer. Thus, a supply chain process can stretch from a supplier’s supplier to a customer’s customer. The importance of factors affecting supply chain management practices is observed here which forms the basis of the study. The aim is to assess the factors affecting supply chain management practices in Jordanian pharmaceutical companies. The study uses primary data through a form of questionnaire collected from 112 respondents in 21 pharmaceutical companies in Jordan. Delivering products on time to customers, having integrated approach towards SCM, transportation, improved customer service and simplification of whole manufacturing process was considered as the most important factor for developing a successful supply chain relationship within the companies.