Effect of Coated Tools on Aluminium Alloys Machining– A Review

  • Sahebagouda Sanganagoudar, Vishaldatta V Kohir


Aluminium is a significant material used in different sectors of the industry. In most aerospace and automotive industries, the comprehensive action of light weight and high strength of these metals are being used. Machining of Aluminium alloy is a challenge for researchers due to the development of the built-up edge (BUE). In order to overcome this issue, selection of right coating material with improved machining efficiency is a further task. The present review highlights the numerous works carried out on various coated tools on machining of Eutectic, Hypoeutectic, Hyper Eutectic Aluminium alloys. This paper discusses different Silicon content Aluminium alloys with different coated tools and overall study tries to unfold the further scope for machining of Eutectic and Hyper Eutectic Aluminium alloys due to their wide applications.

Keywords- PVD, BUE, BUL, DLC, Eutectic;